March 22, 2023


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Aftermath of IGWE ELIBE’S call on eligible bachalors to come to Alor and marry our beautiful maidens an extremely handsome, topnotch Nollywood Actor cum philanthropist extraordinary Williams Uche-Mbah have found his missing ribs in ALOR London from Ndubuisi Nwaolisa family, Umuokwu village ALOR.

In a letter of invitation sent out by Hon. Chief Uche-Mbah made available to RPTV The father of the highly visible thespian wrote,…
“You are respectfully invited to accompany me to perform the traditional marriage rites of my son Williams Uche-Mbah on Sunday the 15th of November 2020 at Ndubuisi Nwaolisa’s compound, Umuokwu village ALOR in Idemili South LGA, Anambra state.

It will be recalled that few months ago the IGWE of Alor, HRM IGWE M.C. ELIBE OKONKWO made a passionate appeal in an interview he granted to the Sun newspaper for eligible bachalors to come to Alor for their missing ribs, citing that ALOR London boasts of very beautiful and well mannered maidens and coupled with the fact that our traditional marriage rites is still one of the best in Anambra state as it concerns the cost and stress free procedures, the Igwe stressed.

In one of his tweets the popular “child actor who started his acting career at a very young age wrote…. “Love is indeed a beautiful thing, especially when you are about to spend the rest of your life with the love of your life. The Bible let’s us understand in Proverbs 18:22 that he who finds a wife has found a good thing. Hence, a relationship is said to be successful to an extent when it is heading and leading towards marriage. The joy of every man is when he finds his missing rib, the love of his life, and decides to take the bold step and marry her”.

We in the RPTV are wishing Williams and his heartrob a very fruitful and successful married life.

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