May 31, 2023


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The last may have not been heard about the crisis generated by the power tussle currently ongoing in the beautiful and once peaceful town of Alor in IDEMILI South LGA of Anambra State.

The crisis which had thrown up several litigations in many courts both high and lower courts again brought together the traudecers yesterday at Ogidi high court where justice Peter Obiora is the presiding judge.

And it was a fact collating sitting but having been notified of the planned meeting by Uzoma Igbonwa faction and their Igwe, the judge who may have been aware of what transpired in the town last December where blood were nearly spilled because Chris Ngige/Uzoma Igbonwa faction tried to stop the Igwe of Alor from accessing the Obi Alor meeting venue ordered the police to make sure that law and order is maintained in the town during the annual General meeting of the town union government as Uzoma Igbonwa faction are threatening to leave their usual meeting place and hold their meeting at OBI ALOR which is the meeting place for the Authentic town union government, ALOR PEOPLES CONVENTION APC.

Below are more fact and figures as regards the yesterday 16th December 2020 court proceedings.

I). APA was Incorporated on the 15th of January 2019 while the court delivered judgement for election to be conducted in Alor on 5th February 2019. So APA has been in existence and operating as an NGO/Social club before the court judgement of 5th Feb. So APA was not registered later after the election.
2). The judgement is for Alor Peoples Convention to conclude it’s election and not APA. APA was never mentioned in the judgement.
3). The judge never mentioned that Ifenna Okafor and Frank Okoye have no locus standi to institute the case. If so, he would’ve struck out the case since. They brought the case as Alor indigenes and not as members of Caretaker Committee.
4). The judge did not rule that APA should hold it’s meeting at Obi Ezeagbudugbu on 30th December rather he stated that he would not stop the members from holding meeting on that day since it’s an Incorporated organization that has freedom of association. The import of this ruling is that APA can hold it’s meeting at the Post Office hall, the usual meeting place.
5). The judge summarized his ruling on the application for injunction that the Crux of the matter is which organization is the authentic town union government and which Igwe is the authentic Igwe. So granting the injunction means that he has concluded that APC is the authentic town union government. So he wanted the status quo ante belum to be maintained.
In order to give speedy hearing and give judgement we are going back to the court on 14th, 19th Jan and 3rd Feb. So do not count your chicken before they are hatched.
6). The order to bring in the police was not directed to APA alone to maintain law and order but all Alor indigenes and both APA and APC pending the determination of the substantive suit.
7). That the issue of ofala was not mentioned in the motion for interlocutory injunction.
8). It was not the judge that mentioned that HRM Igwe Mac Anthony Okonkwo is still serving the suspension order placed on him by the state government but Barr Bona.
9). The town union government election has not been held in Alor. That is the reason why
PG of APA does not attend the meeting of PGs of 177/181 communities in Anambra state and the government in it’s wisdom is still constituting Caretaker Committees in Alor since nature abhors vacuum. The purported election of 12th Feb 2019 was the election of APA, an NGO.

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