February 8, 2023

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APC has set Nigeria 50 years back – Oligbo

A PDP Chieftain and a former Anambra 2021 Gubernatorial aspirant Chief Ike Oligbo have lamented the destruction and devastation that the APC government has wrecked on Nigeria with its heartless corruption and maladministration.
He made this known during a telephone interview with the press.
He emphasized that the plethora of systematic and industrial-scale corruption engulfing the country has made life unbearable, a nightmare, and a living Hell for most Nigerians.
Explaining further, the United Nations award-winning international business mogul and lawyer pointed out that the ineptitude, corruption, and cluelessness of the APC and Buhari regime have resulted in the complete economic collapse of the country and the inability of the government to manage law and order leaving citizens at the mercy of ruthless kidnappers, herdsmen, unknown gunmen and all sorts of criminal elements terrorizing the law-abiding citizens of Nigeria.
In respect of the upcoming 2023 national elections, he went further “Nigeria is the only country that I know where suffering citizens living with no electricity, water, good roads, no education and Healthcare are seen jumping and praising the same group of fraudsters/politicians who caused their plight.
“2023 is a make or break for the country, murder and other crimes have engulfed Nigerians, prices of food and other commodities have IEEE become extremely expensive and unaffordable for the common and average Nigerian, Unemployment is running at an all-time high with youths and graduates dumped with no jobs and no prospects.
The country has failed and completely collapsed and it would need a new concerted and collective effort from honest and patriotic Nigerian leadership to bring the country back from a hopeless situation.
He warned that an attempt by the APC to fraudulently manipulate and rig the forthcoming elections could result in bloodshed and the youths of the country going amok.
He charged the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC to ensure that the polls are fraud free in other to secure the survival of Nigeria as a country.

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