March 21, 2023


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MAGAMillionMarch Rally yesterday in Washington DC which was highly peaceful & orderly as Americans demanded for every LEGAL VOTES should Count!

There was no fighting or burning down of the City since the Elections was stolen from President Donald Trump becos his supporters believed in the Rule of Law .

Now did u Know that Immediately the rally was over as most supporters had gone to their respective homes! Lo & behold members of the dosmestic Terriorists group called ANTIFA whom Joe Biden called an Idealogy struck & injured some of Trump supporters which led to a fight which made president Trump to ask the police to swing into action & get them Arrested..

If I may ask? Some school of thoughts especially Nigerians have gone to president Trump’s page to spew nonsense that they can’t say on President Buhari page! Did president Trump do wrong to tell the police to arrest those Terriorists called ANTIFA??

I’m telling u right now that the polity is being heated & if care is not taken yawa go gas becos most of this Trump’s supporters are lovers of the Second Amendment Act! Most of them are licensed gun owners! Before things fall apart finally I think it’s better that all camps call their people to order especially the Democratics foot soldiers whom are known to be notorious in their activities as they are no respecter of law & Order!!

Let me stop here!! When I say this isn’t over yet? E get why o.. -Jade Goodluck

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