March 21, 2023


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America I knew yesterday is not the America I see today. There is dignity and integrity when it comes to United States of America but the wind from Sahara is ripping the purest side of USA. Protecting the image of USA was not an option but a solemn oath until recently. To lynch Donald Trump and do away with righteousness; the deep states are willing to destroy everything American heroes labored in the past. A transparent election is the bedrock of the strength of America- there is a significant threat to it today.

The crime of Donald Trump was bringing back Jesus Christ into the White House- America today honor Jesus Christ. America under Donald Trump followed the principles of Christ Jesus and the gate of hell is hell bent to take back America. Another four years will finally crush the deep order and restore sanity to the great United States of America. A man that doesn’t belong to the new world order leading the world is slap on the faces of the powers of the world. The cost of getting rid of Donald Trump came at the cost of America’s electoral dignity and integrity.

The so-called Pope firmly attacked the child of God in the White House. His crime was his view on same sex marriage. They attacked him with the media of this world- his crime was speaking truth. They attacked him with everything they had- his crime was not pitching tent with Satanism. They finally shamed America, hurt America and downgraded America only because they are determined to hurt him. The standard of America was abused- this rigged election is a shame and they don’t care as long as their Biden is going for it.

I have known and heard of America since I was a child growing up in the slumps of Southern Nigeria. Until recently; I thought USA interest is sacrosanct- very shameful to see ballot papers disposed and ballot watchers locked out. Very strange to see the level of fraud I am seeing in this election. This is the very first time I have heard or seen fraud in USA election.

America is at the cusp of tipping off. When I heard Trump will go to Supreme court- before then, I never knew election outcome in USA can be adjudicated on because electoral malpractice and fraud is alien to USA- but I was wrong. Because of Trump and because of Christ- America is suffering and her dignity and integrity have been bastardized by overzealous politicians being imposed against American people and children of God around the world.

Donald Trump is a righteous politician- he is a man who has shown the virtues and characters of Christ Jesus. There is always a political order but Donald Trump has altered the order. There is always political correctness but Donald Trump has proved righteousness in politics is the only way to greatness and America began to feel the touch of Christ but the deep states were rattled.

They endured four years of total rebranding. Four years of restoration. Four years of greatness but they have the new world order Donald Trump had altered- they can’t wait another four years because the kingdom of darkness is trembling and losing its hold. America was bound to collapse into the new world order but Donald Trump held her up. They are fighting against the soul of America- how long can this lone warrior wage?

Jerusalem was restored. Gay had no way. Jobs and productions are coming back to America. Holiness is seen in all endeavors. Truth is said without coated lies. The Pope is rattled because we know what he represents. Children of God had access to the White House. Ministers of God laid their hands upon American president. Donald Trump has defied all odds and another four years is like another four million years.

They have perfected everything; this is the world against children of God. This is the world against Christ Jesus but there is always a way where there seems to be no way. Look to the east!

This election is not about America. They have united against America- to restore world order. They pitched their tent with the man with their evil anointing. This is Obama reloaded and Children of God is going back to the days of Egypt. Gates of hell is standing tall against the church but the battle is of the lord.

Trump will not join Satanism. He would not belong. He would remain a righteous man and we know about the sufferings of a righteous man like Christ Jesus. Do not lose hope; look to the east, another dawn is fast coming. The sun is rising and it shall illuminate the world.

Ifeanyi Chijioke- independent/investigative journalist

Writes from Enugu

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