February 7, 2023

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Building Structures For HE Peter Obi’s Labour Party Is Not Rocket Science – Tai Emeka Obasi

Yes, the Labour Party know it, just like anybody else, that they only suddenly came alive that moment HE Peter Obi decided to use their platform to continue his pursuit of a better Nigeria.

From the day the former governor of Anambra State twitted that he had joined the Labour Party, activities within and around the party went exceedingly overdrive.

However, that is not taking anything away from the party. They’re sufficiently organised and have the potentials to swallow up both the All Progressives Congress, APC and the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in the coming General Election of 2023. Labour, as in Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, has four million members in Nigeria. But the umbrella body, the Trade Union Congress of Nigeria, TUC has 12 million members. They can organise at least 75% of that massive voter strength to vote in any President they desire. They just hadn’t gotten that candidate they could trust to drive that reality. Today, they have. He is Peter Gregory Obi.

Obi is not just a talker. He has proved in the eight years as governor that he is an incredible performer. Excellent in all departments of human development.

According to Comrade Quadri Olaleye, the President of TUC, “this time around, the TUC is very interested in politics. We will mobilise our 12 million members to vote for a man who this country desperately needs now,” he was speaking at the Labour Party Convention held in Asaba.

Did you hear that? Twelve million! Don’t think he was kidding. The Labour candidate’s major promise to Nigerians is to turnaround their country from Consumption to Production economy. Who will assist in doing this? – the TUC workforce. A man who, within the eight years he was governor, cleared over N35 billion of owed pensions and gratuities he inherited from his predecessors. The man who paid all pensions and gratuities all his years as governor. A man who never owed salaries, instead paid regularly as and when due without owing any dime before handing over. A man who never owed any contractor but rather kept money aside for works already contracted before he handed over. A man who could save N75 billion and handed over before he left office. These are qualities any member of the Labour Congress or the Trade Union should be in love with and they certainly are. They are mobilising and that is building structures.

To beat the INEC deadline, Labour Party has, since Obi got the ticket as the Presidential flag bearer, elected candidates in all levels of electioneering across the country.

How else are structured built? Labour Party now has laid structural foundations in the 774 Local Government Areas in the country. Politics starts from the wards. Find who is your ward chairman, get registered, attend ward meetings and you’ve become part of the structure.

Don’t wait for anybody to give or promise you stipends before you participate. We’re talking of a new Nigeria. We’re talking of your future and the future of your children.

If you’re a teacher, you’re part of the structure. If you’re on any paid employment, you’re part of the Labour structure. If you’re a manufacturer, Peter Gregory Obi is your candidate. If you are entrepreneur of any any discipline, the man we also call Okwute is your man. If you’re a lecturer or member of the workforce of any level of institution in Nigeria, Labour Party is yours. If you’re a student at any level of study, the former governor of Anambra State is your great friend. Hence, Nigeria’s Labour Party has the largest human structure within any particular country in Africa right now. Okwute has come to bring that gigantic house into one focused family.

The campaign right now is tell anyone to get his/her PVC. Tell them once you enter any commuter bus of good Nigerians. Tell them once you’re in any public place of responsible people.

But first, make sure you and members of your family that have come of age have theirs.

This is the chance the Nigerian masses have been waiting for – the chance to take back their country. Don’t be left out.


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