March 21, 2023


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In Virginia, ballot counters took the uncounted ballots home with them.

In Wisconsin they have more votes counted than registered voters.

In Arizona, voters are finding their ballot status to be “canceled”

In Michigan, where trump had a huge lead, during the hours of 230 a.m. and 430 a.m., 138,000 votes came in, 100% of them were for biden.

You don’t think The president of the United States has access to the best lawyers that walk the face of the earth?

If your a democrat you should feel ashamed for your party and for your candidate I mean crook.

  • Arizona was not only called minutes after the polls closed, but thousands of people are checking their voting status online and it’s telling them their vote was cancelled. So basically, this needs to be checked into, right?
  • Wisconsin has over 100,000 more ballots received, than they have registered voters. So basically, this needs to be looked into.
  • Michigan found 138,000+ ballots overnight, and every single one was for Biden, 0 for Trump. Also, they found 200,000 mail in ballots for Biden, 0 for Trump? Clearly this is something that needs to be checked into.
  • Pennsylvania found over 1,000,000 mail in ballots votes for Biden overnight, but zilch for Trump. Again, this should be checked into.
  • California (as well as many other states) were mailed numerous ballots per voter, potentially giving people a chance to vote more than once, in hopes they don’t get caught. As well, pre-election thousands of people were reporting their deceased relatives were mailed ballots, and many people are noticing their dead relatives voted for Biden. I didn’t even know you could check this kinda stuff! But again, it’s all things that need to be taken into account and looked into.

It’s things like this, that show how corrupt this country really is. 10’s of thousands of Trump supporters rallying this last weekend, in counties all over the US, yet their counties show massive Biden votes. So are Americans supposed to just accept that the majority of those people at rallies changed their mind? Most people called this nonsense pre-election, and here we are, Americans, unable to practice our rights, because corruption is the only way for certain politicians to be elected. I don’t care who you voted for, I really don’t. It’s about what’s on the inside of you that matters… your morals, your intentions, your actions. If Trump votes suddenly appeared in swing states, or in Biden states, turning them into Trump states, I’d be embarrassed to support that corruption because of my morals. It simply makes me sad, that honesty/respect/ and dignity are things of the past.

Kashiari Freeman Emefiele

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