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The President of AlaIgbo Development Foundation Prof. Uzodimma Nwala has stated that

EndSars is a Multi-Ethnic revolt! It is also a Multi-Socio-Political as well as a Multi-Religious Movement!

Any Attempt to tag it a Yoruba Movement, an Igbo Movement, a Hausa Movement, etc
Or even call it a Mend Movement, an IPOB Movement, a Boko Haram Movement, an OPC Movement, etc, is to trivialize an otherwise tragic phenomenom set in motion by the contradictions bedeviling a Federal Republic that is nothing but a golgotha, a place like the Christian Calvary.

EndSars is not targeted against any particular politician or leader; it is rather a rejection of the entire rotten political leadership in charge of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Above all, #EndSars is a painful echo of the sigh of the entire youth and all those whose lives have been made meaningless and ruined by a rotten and oppressive political order.

No matter how hard the strategists of the rotten system try to give #EndSars an ethnic, religious or parochial coloration in order to crush it, such fraudulent tactics will only cause temporary pains to some members of the society, but it will not save a system that is now but a carcass waiting to be shoved into the bottomless pit of history.

Therefore, let no one unwittingly expose any nationality to isolated danger. Let us keep our mouths shut if all we have now is our loud mouth when the situation calls for a serious sober and strategic reflection and focus.

EndSars is the sigh of the entire traumatized and oppressed youth – Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Tiv, Ijaw, Edo, Efik, Ibibio, etc. It is the sigh of the entire youth in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, who are in search for their future. It is a multi-national, multi-religious and multi-socio-political REVOLT!

Thank You.


ADF Headqtrs –
38 Umezebi Street, New Haven, Enugu

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