June 10, 2023


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Hanks is a Nigerian – Ghanaian actor. He was born on the 27th of August 1960 in Ibadan, Oyo state. There in Ibadan he had his primary education. Years later, he attended Loyal College in Ibadan where he attained his secondary education.

Hanks is an HND (Higher National Diploma) holder from the polytechnic of Auchi, Edo state. It wasn’t long after Hanks got his HND, that he left the country for the United States.

Hanks remained there for some years and returned in the year 2000. Shortly after his return to Nigeria, he joined the Nigerian Movie industry, where he made a name for himself.

Hanks is still one of the actors that would be remembered in the Nigerian movie industry. He had acted so many prominent movies in the past, mostly known for his gangster roles and in the process, he gained a name for himself, These movies were the action movies that won tons of attractions, and are still seen as a classic today.

The actor has refuted the second death rumour being peddled about him in 2020.

The actor had shared a similar video on his Facebook page after rumours of his death became rife on social media.

The development comes days after Nollywood actor, Olu Jacobs, was rumoured dead. The Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), however, quashed the claims of Olu Jacob’s death, stating that the veteran actor is “alive, very hale and hearty”.

Hanks Anuku, 60, was obviously upset about the misinformation which he said is being peddled by “poisonous press vipers. “

The actor, who is currently based in Delta State, said this in a video shared on his Instagram page.

Quoting a bible verse while addressing his loyal fans, the much loved actor made it clear that he is very much alive and nothing is wrong with him. He urged his dedicated fans not listen to the rumors about him as they are being peddled by people with poisonous minds.

Anuku also called on the public to disregard the rumours about his death, adding that those wishing him evil would “be clothed with evil. “

He said, “I am Hank Anuku Nollywood actor and I’m alive. My haters are dead…Jesus Christ is my deliverer and he liveth. Poisonous press vipers on the prowl but they shall be perplexed and disappointed in Jesus’s name. Amen. I love you fans. “

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