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Sitting in her modestly furnished office in Abuja, Mrs Patience Ozoemenam Peace-Udochukwu narrates to RPTVblogs how she built her fledgling PATINNO CAKES AND ACCESSORIES to the enviable business that it is today.

After my youth service all that I wanted was to get a white-collar Office job but after several frustrating attempts including getting a low paying job with the DBN a now moribund TV station in Lagos with several months of unpaid salaries, my passion for white-collar job waned greatly but not without the attendant confusion on the next step to take.

One day my husband came home with a big plastic bottle of chin-chin and when he told me the amount he bought it, I there and then decided to go into confectionaries business because I have some basic knowledge in the business having had a stint in a catering school.
My husband encouraged me with the sum of N500 and because things were very cheap then in 2007 I was able to purchase few cups of flour, sugar, eggs and other ingredients for chin-chin making including some plastic bottles.

Initially I started by supplying the chin-chin stuffed bottles to supermarkets through my husband who takes them to some of the supermarkets/ stores on his way to work, most of them are where he buys our household needs, so it was easier for them to get along fine.
With time I started going from school to school where I supplies them with different snacks and today the rest is history.

When she was asked how she got her big break, she replied thus; I can say that my lucky break came through my venture into online sales and marketing of cake and bread making accessories like mixers, oven, cake/bread pans and many other baking accessories.

Initially it wasn’t that easy convincing would be buyers of my genuiness, obviously because of the activities of some bad eggs who collects money from people online only to vanish into the thin air, but after years of my consistency in supplying customers with what they actually paid for without stories that touches the heart I now have many referrals from almost every major cities in the country who not only refers other people to me but also gives my business unsolicited adverts more to the fact that our products are durable, trusted and affordable, that today I supply to some other African countries like Cameroon, Ghana and others.

Asked what made her products the darling of online cake and bread making accessories buyers, she responded by saying that “our ovens and cake/bread pans are locally fabricated but with the best of galvanized steel and materials which makes them bake very well without getting rusted and my mixers are foreign but we deal with the best of the world brands, our customers care services is also unrivaled, I think these coupled with the special grace and favour of God, makes us the darling of online cake and bread making accessories customers.

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