July 12, 2024


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Rev. Innocent Peace-Udochukwu
President Living Fountain Ministries Int’l LIFOM

“I lay down and slept. I woke again for the Lord sustained me.”
(Psalm 3:5)

A Psalm of David, when he fled from Absalom his Son.” You will remember the sad story of David’s flight from his own palace, when in the dead of the night, he forded the brook Kedron, and went with a few faithful followers to hide himself for awhile from the fury of his rebellious son. Remember that David in this was a type of the Lord Jesus Christ. He, too, fled; he, too, passed over the brook Kedron when his own people were in rebellion against him, and with a feeble band of followers he went to the garden of Gethsemane. He, too, drank of the brook by the way, and therefore doth he lift up the head. By very many expositors this is entitled THE MORNING HYMN. May we ever wake with holy confidence in our hearts, and a song upon our lips!

How can you tell if God is blessing you?

We naturally assume God’s blessing when things are going well. When we get the things we want then we say that God is blessing us. And this is certainly true; every good gift comes from the hand of God.

But should we assume that when things aren’t going well that God is no longer blessing us? Is the presence of unwelcome circumstances the evidence of God’s disfavor with you?
Remember the story of Job? His friends naturally assumed, in reaction to the string of tragedies in his life, that this was evidence of God’s judgment upon him. Instead of God’s favor, he was being cursed. They thought God’s blessings were far from him.
Is this how you think? Are God’s blessings tied only to your ease, comfort, success, and happiness?
Friends, while this is natural, we need to see it’s not biblical thinking.

This morning we’re going to look together at the 3rd Psalm. And we’ll see King David in the midst of a very bad time in his life. He appears to be abandoned by everyone – even his own family. But what we find is that in this season of difficulty, God’s blessings are not scarce. Perhaps this is a surprise to you.
I want to convince you to see God’s blessing whether or not things are going well.

David’s faith enabled him to lie down; anxiety would certainly have kept him on tiptoe, watching for an enemy. Yea, he was able to sleep, to sleep in the midst of trouble, surrounded by foes. “So he giveth his beloved sleep.” There is a sleep of presumption; God deliver us from it! There is a sleep of holy confidence; God help us so to close our eyes! But David says he awaked also. Some sleep the sleep of death; but he, though exposed to many enemies, reclined his head on the bosom of his God, slept happily beneath the wing of Providence in sweet security, and then awoke in safety. “For the Lord sustained me.” The sweet influence of the Pleiades of promise shone upon the sleeper, and he awoke conscious that the Lord had preserved him. An excellent divine has well remarked–“This quietude of a man’s heart by faith in God, is a higher sort of work than the natural resolution of manly courage, for it is the gracious operation of God’s Holy Spirit upholding a man above nature, and therefore the Lord must have all the glory of it.”

THE sleep of the body is the gift of God. So said Homer of old, when he described it as descending from the clouds, and resting on the tents of the warriors around old Troy. And so sang Virgil, when he spoke of Palinurus falling asleep upon the prow of the ship. Sleep is the gift of God. We think that we lay our heads upon our pillows, and compose our bodies in a peaceful posture, and that, therefore, we naturally and necessarily sleep. But it is not so. Sleep is the gift of God; and not a man would close his eyes, did not God put his fingers on his eyelids; did not the Almighty send a soft and balmy influence over his frame which lulled his thoughts into quiescence, making him enter into that blissful state of rest which we call sleep. True, there be some drugs and narcotics whereby men can poison themselves well nigh to death, and then call it sleep; but the sleep of the healthy body is the gift of God. He bestows it; he rocks the cradle for us every night; he draws the curtain of darkness; he bids the sun shut up his burning eyes; and then he comes and says, “Sleep, sleep, my child; I give thee sleep.”

You woke up this morning because God sustained you. Let that transform your perspective on today and every day.

This morning I woke up. You woke up today for one reason: the Lord sustained you. You would not have woken up if the Lord had not sustained you. I would not have woken up if the Lord had not sustained me. I wouldn’t have life today if God hadn’t sustained me through the night and woken me up in the morning. Sleep is not a natural process. Sleep is dependent on supernatural provision. Only God can, when we close our eyes at night and drift off into unconscious sleep and then we wake up, we need to realize as soon as we open our eyes, the Lord sustained me. I lay down and slept. I woke again for the Lord sustained me.
So just let that transform your perspective on today and every day, the only reason you wake up in the morning.

I encourage especially those of you who, like David in this Psalm, are walking through some really challenging times, and you’ve sometimes wondered do I have the strength to go on? No, but every day you have a God who sustains you.
So we pray. God, thank you for your sustenance. We acknowledge in prayer right now that apart from your sustenance, none of us would have woken up today. That the only reason any of us woke up right now is because you sustained us last night, and you gave us breath and consciousness when we woke up this morning. So thank you for your daily sustenance. We pray that, with this stewardship of life you’ve given to us on this day, you would be glorified and honored in us. We know there’s nothing we can do today apart from you. We can’t breathe today apart from you, and we don’t want to do anything apart from you. We don’t want to breathe. We don’t want to work. We don’t want to talk. We don’t want to think in dependence on ourselves. God, we want to be walking in total dependence on you all day long because you are our sustainer. You are our strength.

I pray especially for those who are walking through difficult, challenging times right now, who are walking through valleys in their life. God, I pray for your sustenance in them. I pray for your strength in them. I pray for your sustaining hope and sustaining joy and sustaining love and sustaining mercy in their lives. As they lay down their head on the pillow at night after a long, hard day and they’re not sure what the next day holds, God, may they look to you as their sustenance. As they go to sleep and then when they wake up in the morning and your mercies are altogether new, may they look to you and see your sustaining grace in their lives, your sustaining power for their lives. We praise you, oh God, as our great day-by-day sustainer.

Dear Father, we thank You. For You are our Creator, Savior and Sustainer. You alone are worthy of our praise. Thank You for restful sleep and for the joy of a new day with You. Strengthen us for Your service today. In Jesus’ name, amen.




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