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Why I will vote Burna Boy ― Bartee, Grammy Academy member
Grammy 2021.

After making the list of 46 songs with his song “Destiny” that was played at the inauguration of President Joe Biden of the United States of America last Wednesday, Burna Boy may be looking good for a Grammy pickup this year.

At least, that is the speculation of one of the members of the Grammy Academy, Richardine Bartee who is eligible to vote in the arduous process.

According to the American Bartee, having a song as part of the playlist selected for the US president’s inauguration may put the Nigerian ‘African Giant’ in pole position for the coveted award.

“ There’s a very good chance that it might. He’s gained more traction in the US since his last album release. The people who vote on it might really like his album and if there’s enough of them, he may take it home. But we literally will not know until GRAMMY night. Anything is possible,” she said.

When asked, as a member of the Grammy Recording Academy if she would vote for the Afro-fusion singer, the American was unequivocal.

“Yes. I am excited about his visibility in the States. I think his collaborations with pop stars like Chris Martin, Sia, and Sam Smith were all smart moves to be on their fans’ radar.

I am unfamiliar with the other artists and albums he’s up against this year, but if it were solely based on name recognition, I would vote for Burna Boy,” she said.

Burna Boy has been nominated in the Best Global Music Album category alongside international stars like Antibalas, Bebel Gilberto, Anoushka Shankar and Tinariwen.

According to Billboard, “Grammy vote begins with its 21,000-strong membership (industry personnel, singers, musicians, producers, engineers, conductors, songwriters, arrangers, art directors, music video artists and technicians) of whom only 12,000 are eligible to cast ballots because they meet the criteria of six total credits on a physical music release or 12 on digital.”

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