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Good morning.

I just want to thank everybody for the support; for the well-wishes; and thank you for your prayers. Thank you for joining us in the struggle at the Toll Gate; for sounding the alarm, and for alerting the public. And thank you for witnessing what happened at the Toll Gate.

Most importantly, my brothers and sisters at the Toll Gate. I’ve never met a finer set of people in my life.

I’m sorry I haven’t said anything in a couple of days. I didn’t realise I sustained some injuries, and I had to get treated for that. I especially want to thank a few people who, at the risk of their own safety, came out to get me as my own life was being threatened. My life was being threatened for speaking up. Thank you Obi; thank you Bigan.. thank you so much. Thank you Ehis, Richard. Thank you Mr… Thank you all for getting me out safely.

I don’t want to talk too much. I just want to clear a few things that I’ve been seeing online. To our leaders, I urge you, please, do not minimise the suffering of families. Do not insult the grief of Nigerians; do not insult the intelligence of Nigerians. Do not insult the pain that families are facing. People were falling left and right. Yes, there were soldiers there. Another part that people are not really talking about – the police also came. The SARS people we’re talking about; they also came. Some maybe 40, 45 minutes after the soldiers left. We were tear-gassed. Tear-gas is like pepper – it’s like Cotonou pepper mixed with acid. We were running; we would run, we would come back; we would run. And the only thing we fought with was our flags. We would sit on the floor and raise our hands up, waiving our flags and singing the national anthem. That’s all we had.

They put off the light. Even if there’s no power on a good day in that axis there’s always light at the Toll Gate. There was no light; lights were off; the street lights were off. It was pitch black. A boy jumped on me and was shouting “Cover her; cover her.” I didn’t even understand why he did that. They shot that boy on my back. I fell. While the soldiers were trying to pick their shells, we were running around and picking the shells too because we wanted a proof. These are some of the shells we picked. This one (she shows it) landed right next to my ear. This one (she shows another one) was one we took out from someone’s lap.

The military. They were there. On Nigerian soil, killing Nigerian citizens. The police and their SARS-like people came, doing the same thing – aiming and shooting. Aiming. They were pointing the guns at us and shooting. Live bullets. Who takes live bullets to a protest? Who does that?

To our leaders, please I urge you to please not insult the intelligence of Nigerians and the families.

Something I think about now and I wish we hadn’t done it – we carried dead bodies and dropped them at the feet of the soldiers so that they could see what they did to us. When I asked their unit commander why are you killing us. How I wish we didn’t do that. How I wish we kept the bodies; because they ended up throwing the bodies in their van. This was up till the next day, the next morning.

I want to thank a Mr. Ola who is manager of Vodic (?) hospital. Thank you for (sorry we put you in harm’s way but thank you for) letting us into your facility and treating our brave Nigerians. Thank you to LifePoint Church for giving us refuge.

I also want to plead with people opening fake accounts with my name. Please; it’s already hard as it is. People risk their lives to get me out of my place – the place I call my home. Please, stop saying things you don’t know. I understand things are hard; I understand things are difficult; this era of social media you want to get followership that can also help you to make some money (I understand); but at least copy the truth… This is all I’m asking. Please, I never said 78 people died. I don’t know that. What I do know is that as of when I was doing the live, 7 people had died. When my phone died (when my battery died) we had counted about 15 people. I don’t know if it was more than that. We had a lot of people that had stray bullet wounds, gun-shot wounds and all that. 78 people – I don’t know where you got that information from.

I saw another one that said my cousin died. That’s not true. Please. I’ll do my best (I’m not very active on a lot of my pages but I’ll do my best) to put on my handles in their captions, so that you’ll know which one is real; so that if you open a page, want to use my name, just say the truth. Please you’re putting more people in trouble. Please. Please. When you face the possibility that you are going to die, trust me, you’ll be afraid. It’s easy to type, but please do your best to at least get to the factual story. People did die. It wasn’t photoshopped. I must be a tech genius to have photoshopped a live feed. So, that’s all I want to say. Thank you all.

We must continue to move. We must continue. If we stop, I fear probably it will be in the next 60 years before we talk about this again. We must continue. But we must continue peacefully. I condemn any sort of violence. I condemn the burning of buses and people’s livelihoods. Let me say something to you – you may not know, but you might be burning a fellow brother’s or sister’s workshop but one of them that were in that protest as well. You may not know. I know we’re angry. But the most powerful weapon we have is peace. Let us continue. I can’t wait to come back. Because I’m definitely going to continue and be back on the streets peacefully. We need accountability. That is at the heart of this matter. Accountability. People have to be brought to book. If you don’t bring people to book, if you don’t bring justice to families, it will continue. We must speak. Do not give up. Don’t give up. Thank you so much.

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