February 8, 2023

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Soludo hits back at Ebube Muonso: Your prophecies fictitious, politically motivated

Anambra Governor, Chukwuma Soludo, has fired back at Emmanuel Obimma, cautioning him to be mindful of his words when commenting on issues of national security, especially as they affect his state.
Soludo described the Catholic cleric’s recent prophetic outbursts on him and his administration as fictitious, phantom and politically motivated; and only designed to play to the gallery.

Obimma, popularly known as Ebube Muonso, is the spiritual director of Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry, Uke in Idemili North Local Government Area of the state, and had ‘prophesied’ that ‘Fulani’ terrorists may attack the governor soon.
Ebube Muonso had said: “I saw hoodlums, invading Government House, Anambra State and burnt everything down. In that attack, I saw Governor Soludo trying to run out of the Government House and bullets were raining all over him.
“Those I saw had tribal marks which signify what, the Fulani combined with some people. That means what they’re planning for that young man now… You know whatever that came out of Ebube Muonso’s mouth; whatever God reveals must surely happen.
“Holy Ghost revealed to me battalions in the bush, warming up. The day they will strike… It is only God that can salvage this situation. What I am seeing is very, very heavy. It’ll take divine intervention to avert that danger,” the cleric predicted.
But Soludo dismissed the ‘prophet’ and his prophecies and wondered why his revelations were “always about high public officials.” He also wondered why the cleric was yet to reveal the identities of the gunmen terrorising the state.
Soludo said: “I don’t believe these political or phantom ‘prophecies’ designed to play to the gallery. That’s not my upbringing and faith as a Catholic. By the way, God didn’t ‘reveal’ to you the attack by unknown gunmen on me last year at a rally, killing three policemen; nor has He ‘revealed’ to you any of the dozens of the attacks on innocent people this year so that the people may take caution or pray?
“Funny enough, these ‘pulpit prophecies’ are always about high public officials. I have lived my life to this age without needing or relying on ‘prophecies’, and it is too late now to change.
“So please, if you have further ‘revelations’ just pray about them or keep them to yourself – I don’t want to know because the God in heaven that I serve is totally in charge of my life.
“Your comment on insecurity is fair but again failed to acknowledge the humongous efforts being made to confront the monster — which many Ndi Anambra do. No candidate could campaign freely in the entire South senatorial last year with the zone totally taken over by unknown gunmen. No one heard your voice. I was almost a victim. No one heard your voice.
“In my inaugural address, I devoted paragraphs to address the issue. And Ndi Anambra from all over the world are calling in solidarity and offering support. I wish God will also ‘reveal’ to you the identity of the criminals so that we can take them out.”

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