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MEET ANAMBRA STATE DONALD TRUMP…Wants to run the state with his personal money

He is among the top 5 richest doctors in Nigeria and he is net worth is over N500Billion.

His name is Dr. Godwin Maduka, the MD of Las Vegas pain institute and he is Anambra State Governorship Aspirant.

A Peoples Democratic Party governorship aspirant for the 2021 Anambra State election, Dr. Godwin Maduka, has described himself as “a billionaire in all currencies.”

The aspirant boasted that if voted into office, he was prepared to use personal funds to run the affairs of the state. He spoke during a youth carnival/ summit he organised for young people in Orumba South Local Government Area on Saturday.

He said, “I’m rich enough to run Anambra State Government with my personal money.”

The business man who owns Las Vegas Pain Institute in the United States, also said, “I have great plans for Anambra State and Anambra people. I just addressed a group of market women associations who came to pay me a solidarity visit. I told them we would stop flooding this place with things we can produce once I become governor.

“People may say that the government has limited resources, but let me ask you, have you ever looked into the books of the government? The one they call security votes, has anyone ever accounted for them?

“The advantage is that I am one person who knows where to find funds to build infrastructure. It is not about government funds. I know where to source funds, and I also have my personal money. I am going to use my money to run the government. As a personal citizen, I have been doing it, and we will do more.”

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