March 21, 2023


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Some people have been shocked and are uncomfortable with the unity seen in these #EndSARS protests and have unleashed evil propagandists and paid agents and masters of divide-and-rule on the cyberspace to change the narrative of the current crisis and heap the blame on the Igbos as the usual fall guys. Many of them are already sharing the stories gleefully. Let us not say or think nobody will believe them. Please read them on Facebook and see that many believe them. Many will also believe them silently without voicing it out.
Nigeria knows how to unite once Igbos are involved. Don’t let us allow this crisis to be turned on the Igbos.
This was how a 1966 coup that had coup plotters from different parts of Nigeria and elicited initial jubilation from all parts of Nigeria suddenly became “an Igbo coup”, and Rex Lawson’s old song Ewu na-ebe akwa was suddenly tagged a song released to celebrate the coup. The well-oiled propaganda caused the massacre of initial 50 thousand Igbos and a war that caused over a million more lives of Igbos.
Today, Abia is burning. Imo is burning. Enugu is burning. Ebonyi is burning. Rivers is burning. Edo is burning. Etc. People are venting their anger over the killings of protesters. But some wicked souls want to divide Nigerians and unite them against the Igbos and smile to the bank that their evil plan has worked. No it won’t work this time around. People are wiser to see through subterfuge and evil designs.
Lagos Island is one place where the least number of Igbos reside in Lagos. It is rare to see any Igbo man who lives inside Lagos (Isale Eko). Igbos are afraid of raiding in Lagos Island. They simply visit, do their business and leave. There is a curfew in Lagos too. So one wonders which Igbo person would fly into Isale Eko to join a mob to attack the palace of the Ọba of Lagos. But someone concocted a story that the protesters who attacked the palace spoke Igbo. And many who love to look for scapegoats will believe it.
I wonder if it was Igbos that removed the CCTV cameras at Lekki toll gate, switched off the lights and invited soldiers to shoot at protesters. I wonder if “sọrọ soke”, which is the catchphrase for the protest, sounds like Igbo language..
Igbos and their investments have been destroyed in Abuja, Kano, Jos, etc, even while they were busy minding their business and were not protesting. It was not enough for mischief-makers. They still want more. But it won’t work for them.
Nigerians should face their demons and leave the Igbos alone.
By Azuka Onwuka.
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