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Obiano did not mortgage Anambra state to you Alor PG tells Ngige

The Alor Town Union Government response to the recent claims in the media by some unscrupulous elements in Alor against the amiable governor of ANAMBRA State Chief Willie Maduabuchukwu Obiano.


Re: Governor Obiano dumps Ngige; Reappoints anti-Ngige committee, Rejects new king.

We the Alor Peoples Convention wish to state as follows, that:

1.Obiano never mortgage Anambra state interest to Chris Ngige for whatever reason whatsoever. It is an insult to insinuate that an elected governor can mortgage the interest of a state to an individual,no matter how high highly placed. Akpokuedike as the name implies is a great Man who is out to protect the Anambra ordinary folks from the strangleholds of the likes of Ngige who wants to be a god father even in his family with very senior elders.

  1. Chief Engr Arthur Eze and the governor have a right to reconcile their differences in order to move Anambra state forward. They don’t need anybody’s advice on what they need to do.

3.The appeal court case is still subsisting and alive and judgement is yet to be delivered.

4 if the matter is being delayed, it is being delayed by the respondents Uzoma Igbonwa and Co who are yet to even respond to the appeal by filling their own reply brief as at even today.

5.The so called ruling against the state government was obtained per incuriam and will surely be up- turned at the next hearing because of a fundamental error,being that the order relied upon to deliver the ruling was for a different sister Case given by another court of appeal panel.

A letter from a senior advocate,representing one of the parties, sent to the state government stated very clearly the position of the matter at the court of appeal against the falsehood and distortion of facts and malicious attempt to malign the character and reputation of our amiable and hard working Governor, His Excellency Chief Willie Obiano ,Akpokuedike global. (Attached)

Further more,
The so called Election that produced Uzoma Igbonwa never took place, because the slated venue where the election was to be conducted was cordoned off by the police on the instructions of the government of Anambra state and the office of Local government and chieftaincy Affairs never gave approval nor supervise any election by an NGO called APA for one Uzoma Igbonwa to lay claim as a PG.
It is important to point out, herein,that APA led by one Uzoma Igbonwa are Senator Chris Ngige apologist that he uses to challenge and disobey the lawful directives and laws of the government of Anambra state and our amiable action Executive governor,Chief Willie Obiano, Akpokuedike global.
Thereby trying to create lots of confusion and anarchy in ALOR in particular and Anambra state in general.
For those who may want to know the truth/facts.
Two courts of coordinate jurisdiction gave judgments that appear to be conflicting. Both cases are at Court of Appeal. There has not been any judgement of the court of appeal. It smacks of mischief for any body to insinuate that there has been a judgement. Responding to propaganda by those who know the truth is to dignify their sense of mischief, and irresponsibility.
It is in the public domain that Anambra state government in February 2019 and May 2020 issued state wide circular banning all forms of town Union elections, and all associated town Union activities because of the Presidential election and the COVID 19 pandemic respectively. Without being a professor of law, this tells you that any activity done by any community or group of persons purporting to act on behalf of any community, is of no consequence. The state govt will not give attention to any action that directly challenges the authority and power of the State government in any form.
We implore the governor and the ANAMBRA state government to ignore any media blackmail intended to distract the state government from discharging it’s responsibility as a government creditably.

In all of these it is very clear that some people in Alor are bent on taking impunity and lawlessness to the next level by trying to play God but God rules!!

Hon. Chris Okudo
President General Alor Peoples Convention.

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