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One feared dead, five houses burnt including a Church as Nigerian army clashed with the Eastern Security Network.

What manner of soldiers would be fighting against local vigilante formed to guard the populace from the mauruding FULANI HERDSMEN TERRORISTS??.

It is reported that there was a clash between the Eastern Security Network (ESN) of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and soldiers deployed to find members of the vigilantes in Ogboro, Orlu in Imo State, is said to have resulted in a casualty on Friday, a source said.
According to a reliable source from the troubled community, about five buildings were torched as a result of the exchange of fire between the soldiers and ESN security, including the Holy Trinity Sabbath Mission.

The incident, according to a source, happened at about 6 am on Friday, and is reported to have led to the death one person at the market square, with several others sustaining injuries.

Although details of the person allegedly dead as at the time of filing this report is not known another source said it might not be unconnected to the clash between the two security agents.

‘The burning of the church was carried out by those masked security agents and the church that was burnt was the Holy Trinity Sabbath Mission in Orlu local government area.

‘About five buildings were burnt and only one person was killed and the person was killed at the market square. I want to tell you that the incident happened on Friday early morning.’

When contacted, police spokesperson Orlando Ikeokwu said that he was not aware of any causalities but confirmed that there was a military operation in the area.

A few days ago, a similar clash ensued between the soldiers and the ESN inside a forest where the soldiers were said to have gone in search of the IPOB local vigilante believed to be in the forest guarding against invasion by Fulani herdsmen.

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