February 8, 2023

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It came as a surprise, nobody saw it coming at least not too many Nigerians saw that stroke. The stroke is deadly, powerful, a heart trick, only with the reflexes and accuracy of Chen Meng, Fan Zhendong and Novak Djokovic could one at least make a fair trial to hedge the master stroke.

I am loving you the more Peter! . When the table on which one is meant to eat from becomes shaking and swiveling, staying put and insist on eating from such table no matter how sumptuous the meals are would not only be foolhardy but a risk to ones respect. Taking a walk in this kind messy situation is not only logical but decent enough.

They lost! Not you! PDP lost and filtered away the very sparkling and starry opportunity to money politics. I see into the far distant future, not claiming to be a prophet or inhabited by some stubborn spirit of necromancy, I see a repeat of 2015 unusual and uncommon political miracle.

He moved not alone! He moved when the ovation is loud witha the majority of Nigerians whose consciences are still alive, leaving on the lips of Nigerians the very name Obi, the blue ocean politician, above the rubbish and stinks of known and seen political campaigns.

He changed the narratives shifted the paradigm and raised the bar. Not too many will be comfortable with his surgical deftness, expecially those whose political tumor can’t but burst at the slice of his surgical knife.

If you can’t beat them, don’t join them. If you can’t correct and convert them, to avoid stories that would eventually touch the heart, taking a walk without stains becomes the most honorable move.

Obi you are Peter, the rock, beyond the dent and stinks of dirty politicking. You are Obi! The Kerere nke of blue ocean politics you are, above rubies, desperate not to rule but to see the dawn of a new Nigeria.

You came to salvage Nigeria from the rubbles of dire political coma, raise them from the ashes of corruption, economic disaster, technological and entrepreneurial droughtiness like Christ you were not valued in PDP with a lot of calumny, betrayal and gang up trailing you wherever you went.

He was feared in their circle . He isn’t just a rock, he is a movement . He isn’t just a movement, he is a volcano with force that would change the old order and give the breath choking Nigerians a bit of fresh air.

Obi is just a metaphor of a truth too bitter and striking to the conscience of all , but the very desire and urge to continue on the path of shaddy deal make all to disdainful reject him.

I say this with no apologies, the exit of Obi from PDP is a blow that would eventually dislodge whatever momentum PDP has gathered so far.

As bitter and hurtful it might sound to some, Peter’ exit has taken the wind off the sail of PDP. Take it or leave it PDP would lose 50% of the masses support.

Whenever you go! Wherever you pitch your tent and decide to inhabit we will be with you.

This change you have been preaching, will not elude Nigeria because of some selfish political interest and shananigans.

What God cannot do doesn’t exist!

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