May 31, 2023


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The Indigenous tribes of Nigeria must come together to defend their land against the fulanis.

The President of CONGRESS FOR IGBO AGENDA CIA Rev. Innocent Chukwudi Peace-Udochukwu have called on the Indigenous tribes of Nigeria to come together in order to safeguard their ancestral inheritance from the mauruding fulanis whose only agenda is to drive away if possible and take over the land or better still subjugate the Indigenous tribes in their own land.

In his own words the fiery Evangelist and activist said,
“The Fulanis are using terrorism to their utmost advantage by creating fear both real and imagined amongst the Indigenous tribes of Nigeria which is ultimately the essence of terrorism in order to create fear and a sense of helplessness amongst the people.”

He continued “Fulanis only game plan now is to cower and intimidate the Indigenous tribes of Nigeria through all these their hit and run guerilla warfare and terrorist activities, if the Indigenous tribes of Nigeria can come together and muster courage they the fulanis cannot stand the Indigenous tribes because they will be greatly outnumbered and ultimately overpowered so they will have no option than to run away as they did in the Central African Republic CAR from where they have been dislodged and coming to take over Nigeria just as they tried and failed over there.

Our people only need to eschew fear, come together and treat the fulanis as the common enemy which they have made themselves to the rest of us, and I can assure our people that victory shall be ours in no distant time, he concluded.

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