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It is becoming very clear that President Donald Trump and his mammoth crowd of supporters in America are not taking no for an answer as far as the 2020 US election which they are claiming to have been massively rigged by the democrats is concerned.

Below are the series of posts and comments on social media by both Trump and supporters.

“Why is Joe Biden so quickly forming a Cabinet when my investigators have found hundreds of thousands of fraudulent votes, enough to “flip” at least four States, which in turn is more than enough to win the Election? Hopefully the Courts and/or Legislatures will have the COURAGE to do what has to be done to maintain the integrity of our Elections, and the United States of America itself. THE WORLD IS WATCHING!!!
From Trump’s tweeter handle.

Watch: Hundreds of Activists Gather for ‘Stop the Steal‘ Rally in Georgia – Big Rallies all over the Country. The proof pouring in is undeniable. Many more votes than needed. This was a LANDSLIDE!
From Trump’s tweeter handle.

We are not going to be intimidated, we are not going to back down, we are going to clean this mess up! President Trump won by a landslide and we are going y prove it, we are going to reclaim America!

Qoute posted by Sidney Powell

The series of rallies and protests currently going on against this election is a clear indication that Trump won this election massively. Biden cannot call out up to six people into the streets. – Leader, Women for America first

“President Trump has done many great things (biggest tax & regulation cuts in history, Space Force, rebuilding our military, fixing the V.A., the Wall), but perhaps the most important of all will be what he is doing now, exposing the massive corruption in our Electoral Process.”
From Trump’s tweeter handle.

Meanwhile the highly compromised and biased mainstream media kept overblowing some of the negative Reports on Trump like this one below…
“A Pennsylvania judge threw out a lawsuit that sought to prevent the state from certifying the election results in favor of President-elect Joe Biden, who won the state by about 80,000 votes”

But one thing they are not telling the world is the number of discrepancies and fraud so far discovered and that even though the lower courts under the control of the democrats are not giving a fair hearing to those barefaced allegations that Trump still have the supreme court to run to where he may obviously be given a fair hearing.

For Trump and his supporters, it is not yet over until it is over.

RPTV Exclusive report.

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