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Meeting with Prince Uche Anazodo the Chairman/MD of UTEC GREEN LIMITED, the distributors of VOLLEREAUX brand of wines was a little bit stressful as it is always the case with anyone running a very successful business empire but when I finally sat down with him in his cozy and well furnished Office he gave me hundred percent attention the moment I reminded him that I came to know more about his brand VOLLEREAUX, I saw the passion by which he markets the VOLLEREAUX brand in his eyes as he started to reel out the qualities of this unrivaled brand of wine.

“Champagne Vollereaux is called upon to celebrate, add sparkle and pay homage, becoming a synonym for joy, happiness and cheerfulness. For six generations, the Vollereaux family’s attention to detail has been reflected in each bottle, leaving a finished product that delivers a fresh, light, elegant and fruity profile. What was once enjoyed by a small group of friends and family is now available worldwide. With its casual-chic style, Champagne Vollereaux creates the occasion and elevates any moment.

He concluded by saying that what made the VOLLEREAUX BRAND to stand out from every other wine brands is that every VOLLEREAUX brand gives everyone that takes it that refreshing and invigorating experience in the morning unlike some other wines that causes hangover and heartburns.

On hearing that I raised my eyebrows and immediately he noticed that I was surprised to hear that, he now sat up from his chair, cleared his throat, looked me straight in the eyes and reapeted with every atom of seriousness in him and said… “I mean every word of it my brother, I have been in the business of marketing this brand for years and I can tell you that VOLLEREAUX brand gives no hangover or heartburns, as long as you don’t mix it with any other brand”.

VOLLEREAUX BRAND OF WINES IS MARKETED AND DISTRIBUTED BY UTEC GREEN LIMITED with Head Office at NIKOLI MALL along Amuwo link road towards apple juction Amuwo odofin festac Lagos and can also be found in every shops, supermarket and markets Nationwide.

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