May 6, 2024


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Alor Igweship Tussle: Letter from HAG Could undermine court’s Authority, Judicial process -Ikpeazu SAN

Dr Onyechi Ikpeazu SAN has strongly opposed the letter sent by the Attorney-General of Anambra State on  Alor Community Igweship Tussle, according to Dr Ikpeazu who is the legal representative of Alor Monarch IGWE MacAnthony Okonkwo, “the letter contained language that could undermine the Authority of the court and interfere with the judicial process.”

In the letter made available to RPTVBLOG, the astute legal luminary said: 
“The opinion contained in the said letter which obviously assumed the dimension of orders that can only be made by a court, especially when the matter is still pending in court, is capable of undermining the authority of the court and places such an opinion in competition and indeed in conflict, with established judicial process and powers of a court of law.”

Continuing, the legal silk stated “We have in this correspondence presented the facts which we strongly believe if they had been made available to the honorable Attorney- General & Commissioner for Justice by the addressee of the letter which is the subject matter of this correspondence, would have immensely guided the opinion rendered in the said letter. We were, however, unaware of the petition which necessitated the letter under reference but only became aware of it when it was brought to the attention of our clients.”

Concluding he said: “In view of the above, we implore the learned HAG, to address the issues raised in the correspondence with a view to correcting the impressions that had been, perhaps, erroneously created by the letter of 22nd of August 2023 under reference. By so doing, the integrity of the court and it’s processes would have been maintained by the Government and particularly Office of the Honorable Attorney-General. It is hoped that the clarifications provided by this letter would assist your good office in rendering an informed opinion on the matter, as against issuing declaratory and injunctive orders over matters that are already before the Court of Appeal.”

Meanwhile the people of Alor under the umbrella of ALOR CONCERNED CITIZENS has come out in strong defense of the embattled Monarch, in a press conference held on Friday at the NUJ Secretariat Awka the group in their press statement said: “We the Concerned members of Alor Community are here today to tell the World that the recent allegations about a purported dethronement by the courts leveled against our Traditional Ruler, IGWE MAC ANTHONY CHINEDU OKONKWO EZEDIOHAMMA III OF ALOR KINGDOM  are false, misleading and only exists in the imagination of few of those disgruntled Individuals in our community who have taken it upon themselves to keep fanning the embers of discord in our peace loving community.

In press statement signed by the group’s Spokesperson Rev. Innocent Chukwudi Peace-Udochukwu and the traditional Prime minister of Alor Chief Dr Ben Udeze, (Onowu Alor), the group said:
“We are here today to speak out against the destructive and divisive actions of these individuals in our community.”

“Their attempts to sow discord and deceive others through false testimony are not only damaging to our social fabric, but also a violation of the values and principles that we hold dear.”

The group also said: “Let it be known that the court case is still ongoing at the court of Appeal and no ruling has been made.”

“We are also here today to show solidarity to our IGWE and to make it clear that all well meaning Ndi-Alor stand firmly behind our monarch and denounce the efforts of a few individuals who have taken it upon themselves to always deceive the public through evil propagandas in order to creat unnecessary crisis and if possible to  undermine our community.”

“We are using this medium to call on the court to fairly and expeditiously resolve this matter, and we urge all members of our community and indeed friends of  Ndi-Alor to reject the misinformation being spread and to support our monarch during this challenging time.”

“This conflict has deep roots, dating back to about nine years. And It’s driven by a small group of individuals who seek to gain power and influence by sowing division and discrediting the monarch despite every efforts been made to reach a peaceful resolution to the unwarranted crisis.”

“Their selfish actions are disrespectful to the community and its rich history, and undermine the stability and prosperity of the community as a whole.”

“We the concerned members of Alor Kingdom and indeed all Umu-Alor must stand united in rejecting their divisive tactics and defend the integrity of our monarch for the sake of peace and brotherly love in our community.”

“We’re concerned that the actions of these troublemakers are putting our community at risk.
We must warn them with what Proverbs 29:1 said:  *‘Whoever remains stiff-necked after many rebukes will suddenly be destroyed—without remedy.’*

“We urge those involved to heed this wise counsel and reconsider their divisive tactics, before it’s too late.”

“A healthy community requires mutual respect and a willingness to work together, not against each other.”

“As Proverbs says, ‘Without wise leadership, a nation falls; there is safety in having many advisers.’ We urge all community members to reject lies and to embrace the virtues of integrity, honesty, and neighborly love, which are the foundation of a healthy and prosperous society.”

“Brotherly love, or love for one’s fellow community members, is a foundational principle of any healthy society.
It fosters a sense of belonging, cooperation, and mutual support, and it strengthens the bonds that hold us together. In contrast, the selfish actions of these troublemakers can tear apart the very fabric of our community.
By spreading lies, promoting discord, and pursuing their own narrow interests at the expense of others, they undermine the shared values that are essential to our well-being.

“We hereby call upon these our misguided brothers and sisters to renounce their false statements and negative behavior.

“It is time for them to stop sowing discord and to start embracing peace. We urge them to reflect on their actions, consider the harm they have caused, and take steps to make amends. In doing so, they can be part of building a better, more harmonious community for all.”

“Let’s choose brotherly love over division, and let’s work together to create a community that is stronger and more unified than ever before!”

“Alor community deserves better than division and deceit, and this call to action sets a positive tone for a brighter future.”

“We must also make it very clear that despite the malicious actions of these troublemakers, we remain steadfast in our support for our beloved monarch, whose tireless efforts to promote peace and unity have been an inspiration to us all.”

“As he approaches his 10th anniversary on the throne, we wish to reaffirm our commitment to his leadership and to the values he embodies.”

His courage, wisdom, and dedication to the community are a shining example for us all, and we pledge to stand with him now and in the future!”

“This is a rallying cry for unity, for everyone to come together and support the monarch, IGWE MAC ANTHONY CHINEDU OKONKWO, ELIBEAGWUAGWU, EZEDIOHAMMA III OF ALOR KINGDOM recognizing that ultimately, God is the one who puts leaders in place and gives them the strength to lead.”