April 30, 2024


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BREAKING: Supreme Court dismisses Atiku’s Forgery case Against TInubu

The Nigerian Supreme Court today made a ruling that caused outrage and concern among citizens. The court dismissed a petition alleging forgery against the president Bola Tinubu, despite strong evidence that suggests the accusation is true.

The decision has raised questions about the impartiality and integrity of the court, and whether it can be trusted to rule on future cases.

The evidence from the CSU concerning the certificate that TInubu presented to INEC was very clear and straightforward, so it’s concerning that the Supreme Court would dismiss the case on technical grounds, rather than looking at the substance of the accusation.

It makes it seem like the court is more interested in protecting TInubu than in upholding the rule of law.

Atiku had sought the leave of the apex court to present fresh evidence of forgery against Tinubu.

ATIKU through his lawyers pleaded with the court to look into the matter because of its constitutional and democratic implications.

Atiku sought to tender the academic records of Tinubu, which were handed over to him by the Chicago State University (CSU) on October 2.

Currently, the appointment of judges in Nigeria is a highly political process, and there have been allegations of corruption and nepotism in the selection process.

A key reform that could be made is to establish an independent commission to oversee the selection of judges, with clear and transparent criteria for selection.

This would help to ensure that judges are appointed based on their qualifications and expertise, rather than on political or personal connections.