April 21, 2024


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I Remain highly Optimistic Despite Challenges in Fighting for A NEW NIGERIA -Peter Obi

The Presidential Candidate Of the Labour party Mr Peter Obi has said that he remains highly positive and optimistic despite unexpected negative comments from some ‘highly respected’ Nigerians.

He’s making the point that even though there are some negative voices in Nigeria, he still believes that the country has the potential to become a great nation.

He believes that by upholding values like truth and doing things the right way, Nigeria can become a modern and prosperous country.

This statement shows his deep commitment to improving his country and making it a better place for all its citizens.

It’s clear that he’s not just talking about economic development, but also about the need for moral and ethical reform.

Peter Obi, presidential candidate of the Labour party, said this on the Arise News Channel monitored by the RPTVBLOG, that he is a democrat and firmly believes in a free and fair electoral process despite that elections in Nigeria are characterized by rascality.

He also expressed his strong opposition to military coups, saying that the best way to achieve change is through peaceful and democratic means.

These statements highlight Obi’s commitment to democratic principles and the rule of law.

They also demonstrate his understanding of the challenges facing Nigeria and his belief that the country can only progress through a democratic process.

Peter Obi’s comments on integrity and honesty are particularly striking, given the controversies surrounding some of the other candidates in the election.

While other candidates have been accused of lying about their education and achievements, Obi is committed to being truthful and transparent, always using the Mantra: “Go and Verify”.

He believes that this is what will truly make a difference for Nigeria.

His words are an inspiring reminder that character and honesty matter more than a fancy degree or title.
These qualities are what will ultimately bring about real change in Nigeria.

“Peter Obi invoked the names of several historical and contemporary figures to make his point about the importance of integrity.

He mentioned Abraham Lincoln, who rose from humble beginnings to become one of the most revered presidents in American history, and Winston Churchill, who led Britain to victory in World War II.

He also mentioned Bill Gates, who dropped out of college but went on to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time.

And of course, Steve Jobs, who co-founded Apple and revolutionized the world of technology, stating that the most important thing is being honest and humble enough to say this is what and who I am.

Peter Obi’s statements must not be unconnected to what we’re witnessing in Nigeria, where some politicians have been accused of lying about their credentials.

It was reported by the RPTVBLOG that Tinubu has claimed to have a first class degree from Chicago State University, but has been fighting and spending billions to stop the release of his academic records from the Chicago State University.

Peter Obi also stated clearly that if he is to be the president that he would not go to war with Niger over the military coup which took place there few months ago.

This very statement also shows his commitment to peaceful solutions to conflict.

He recognizes that Nigeria faces many challenges, and because of that he believes that war should not be considered in any way, Instead, he would focus on improving security, the economy, and governance in Nigeria.

In contrast to Achebe’s lament, “There was a country”, Peter Obi’s statement at Princeton University, “There will be a new Nigeria”, expresses hope and optimism for the future.

He said that he believes that by working together, Nigerians can build a better future for their country.

This hopeful vision stands in contrast to Achebe’s sense of loss, but it is nonetheless an important perspective that should not be overlooked.