April 30, 2024


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Rev. Innocent Peace-Udochukwu
President Living Fountain Ministries Int’l LIFOM

“In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.”
Isaiah 30:15b

Spend some peaceful moments alone with the Lord today and watch the peace and joy in your heart grow and spill over into the lives of others.

THIS message related to the invasion of the land of Judah by Sennacherib. The approach of the enormous hosts of the Assyrian king put almost the whole nation into a state of great alarm. They wanted to make an immediate alliance with the king of Egypt and to ask that mighty monarch to send his forces to drive back the army of Sennacherib. But Isaiah the Prophet was sent to warn them of the folly and sin of such an alliance and to tell them that their strength was to sit still. They were to confide alone in the Most High and not to look for any other helper, but to cast themselves upon the faithfulness of the God who had never failed them. If they did so, they would suffer no harm—but just in proportion as they turned away from the unseen Jehovah and began to rely upon an army of flesh—they would be sure to find trouble.
We might have supposed that these people would have gladly accepted the very cheering message. Surely it was a good thing for them not to have to go to war with the Assyrians and not to need to despoil themselves and their Temple in order to send gold to the king of Egypt, but simply to rest in God who had promised to be a wall of fire round about them and the Glory in the midst of them. But, Brothers and Sisters, faith is an exotic in any heart where it is made to flourish—it does not grow there by nature—it must be planted by Grace. We are, all of us, idolaters by nature. We need something to look at in our worship even though God has forbidden it to us in the strongest terms. And as to our life, we are always pining for the arm of flesh, needing to rely upon something tangible and visible. We cannot, except as God’s Grace enables us to do so, cast ourselves absolutely upon the unseen and trust ourselves to a God whose way we cannot trace! Yet, when His gracious Spirit teaches us this sacred art, it is well with us. The soul is elevated above gross materialism, above selfishness and self-confidence, above fear, alarm and trepidation—and brought into a condition of strength, power and peace. This is what the text tells us—that in returning and rest we shall be saved, and in quietness and confidence shall be our strength!

“For thus says the Lord GOD, the Holy One of Israel, In returning and rest shall you be saved; in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength. But you would not.” Isaiah 30:15.

All over the world today, it seems like people are looking for a reason to be loud; to be negative; to be critical – no trust; definitely not quiet.

It’s almost as if it helps people feel better if they are incredibly negative. Incredibly loud. Think about what you hear – Even in your own self-talk, without knowing it, you can talk down to yourself or talk yourself out of something before it begins. “I don’t have what it takes. My life stinks, my job stinks. I can’t do that.

The reality is there are a lot of things going wrong in the world. There’s no doubt about it. And as Jesus followers, we are not going to put our heads in the sand and pretend like there’s not things going wrong.

Yet at the same time, let’s realize that God is doing a lot of amazing things all over the world. I see Christ every day. I see miracles every day. But I look for both, every day! Do you!

Men depart from God by speculative thought or by anxious care, or by sin.

To ‘return’ is just to trust.

The parallel helps us here — ‘returning’ is parallel with ‘confidence.’ This confidence is to be exercised especially in relation to one’s own path in life and the outward trials and difficulties which we meet, but its sphere extends far beyond these. It is a disposition of mind which covers all things. The attitude of trust, the sense of dependence, the assurance of God’s help and love are in all life the secrets of peace and power.

Am I sinful? then trust. Am I bewildered and ignorant? then trust. Am I anxious and harassed? then trust.

Note the thought, that we come back to God by simple confidence, not by preparing ourselves, not by our expiation, but only by trusting in Him.

Of course the temptations to the opposite attitude are many and great.

Note, too, that every want of confidence is a departure from God. We go away from Him not only by open sin, not only by denial of Him, but by forget-fulness, by want of faith.

The ground of this confidence is laid in our knowledge of Him, especially in our knowledge of Jesus Christ.

‘Rest’ and ‘being quiet’ are treated here partly as consequences of faith, partly as duties which we are bound to strive to achieve.

The very exercise of communion with Him brings peace and rest, inasmuch as all things are then possessed which we can desire. There is a still fruition which nothing can equal and nothing destroy.

Trust in God brings rest from our own evil consciences.

It brings rest from our own plans and purposes.

Trust gives insight into the meaning of all this else unintelligible world.

It brings the calming and subduing of desires, which in their eagerness torture, in their fruition trouble, and in their disappointment madden.

It brings the gathering in of ourselves from all the disturbing diffusion of ourselves through earthly trifles.

No harm comes to us when we trust, because then God is with us, and works for us, and cares for us. So all departments of life are bound together by the one law. Trust is the condition of being ‘saved.’

And not only so, but also trust is strength. God works for us; yes, but better than that, God works in us and fits us to work.

What powers we might be in the world! Trust should make us strong. To have confidence in God should bring us power to which all other power is as nothing. He who can feel that his foot is on the rock, how firm he should stand!

Rest gives strength. The rest of faith doubles our forces. To be freed from anxious care makes a man much more likely to act vigorously and to judge wisely.

Trust, so shall we be at rest and safe. Being at rest and safe, we shall be strong. If we link ourselves with God by faith, God will flash into us His mysterious energy, and His strength will be made perfect in our weakness.

In your personal battles, in my personal battles-how often in the Strength of Quietness and Trust is our victory cry, “The battle is the Lords.”
My strength comes through quietness and trust because my sins are forgiven and my eternity is secure.

My strength comes through quietness and trust because Jesus is at the right hand of God praying for me.

My strength comes through quietness and trust because my future victory is greater than my present pain. I’m optimistic because what I’m going through now is doing something in me that God is going to sharpen me, conform me to the image of his son, Jesus. My future victory is greater than my present pain.

My strength comes through quietness and trust because my mind is filled with the peace of God. My strength comes through quietness and trust because If God is for me, who can ever be against me?

My strength comes through quietness and trust because when I am weak, his spirit makes me strong. When we are down, the Holy Spirit holds us up. When we are hurting, the Holy Spirit is our comforter. Whenever we feel alone, the Holy Spirit is our friend. Whenever we are weak, the Holy Spirit is strong through us. We can develop strength through quietness and trust because we are never, ever alone.

My strength comes through quietness and trust because nothing can separate me from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus.

My strength comes through quietness and trust because my God is working everything in my life for good. Verse 28 of Romans 8 says, “And we know that in … ” How many things?

“We know that in all things.” The Greek word, the word “all” is translated as ALL That’s exactly right. It means everything. It means the good things, the bad things, the mediocre things, the things you’re glad that happen, the things you wish would never happen, the thing that right now is driving you crazy, God is working in that thing, scripture says, “For the good of those who love him, who have been called according to our purpose.” There is not a thing that will happen in your life that the goodness of our God will not transform into something that brings about glory.

Our victory cry, should be “The battle is the Lords!”

In quietness and confidence shall be your strength. Eight words. Two qualities. One result. What a great formula for the battles in our life.

In the Name of the Father Son and Holy Spirit. Amen




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