June 16, 2024


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APC's Uba Sani and PDP's Isa Ashiru

Kaduna Tribunal’s Dark Judgment: A Crisis of Confusion.

Nigeria: A land of confusion and chaos, where the rule of law is often overshadowed by the rule of the jungle.

It is clear that Nigeria’s political situation is complex and often unpredictable, and that the people are struggling to find clarity and order in the midst of all the confusion.

The recent ruling by the Kaduna State Governorship Election Tribunal is just the latest example of the confusion and chaos that often characterize Nigeria’s political system.

It seems that the rule of law is often overshadowed by the rule of the jungle, where might makes right and the powerful can get away with almost anything.

This has left the people of Nigeria feeling frustrated and disillusioned, with little hope for real change.

They are trapped in a system that is corrupt and dysfunctional, and it’s taking a toll on their lives and their future.

There has been confusion and conflicting reports about the ruling of the Kaduna State Governorship Election Tribunal. The counsel for the incumbent governor, Uba Sani claims that the tribunal ruled in his client’s favor and the camp of the PDP candidate Isa Mohamed Ashiru were saying otherwise.

A former Permanent Secretary with the Kaduna State Government Ibrahim Balarabe Musa claim that the tribunal ruled that the election was inconclusive and ordered a rerun.

It was reported that the media was not allowed to cover the tribunal’s proceedings, raising questions about transparency and accountability.

The exclusion of the media from covering the Tribunal Judgement really drives home the point that the tribunal’s lack of transparency through the media’s exclusion has led to a lot of confusion.

It also highlights the fact that the people of Kaduna are being kept in the dark about a very important issue.

The lack of clear information about the tribunal’s ruling has led to widespread confusion and speculation.

This is exactly the kind of situation that the media can help to avoid by providing accurate and timely information to the public.

Without the media, it’s easier for misinformation and rumors to spread, and harder for people to get the facts they need to make informed decisions.

Banning of the media is undemocratic. Freedom of the press is a core democratic principle and an essential pillar of a healthy democracy.

When the media is banned, it restricts the free flow of information and creates a situation where the public is unable to make informed decisions.

The media plays a crucial role in holding the government accountable and keeping the public informed about issues as important as a State Governorship Election Petition Tribunal.