April 27, 2024


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Supreme Court Judgement: NADECO Releases Guidelines for Protests

The National Democratic Coalition (NADECO) has announced guidelines of protests against the outcome of the supreme court’s judgement on Tinubu’s presidential election victory.

NADECO is the foremost pro-democracy movement in Nigeria, founded in the 1990s and its members include notable figures like Bola Tinubu, who is now the president.

The fact that Tinubu was once a member of the same group that is now protesting his election raises questions about his commitment to democratic principles.

In a statement, His Lordship, Lloyd Ukwu, Executive Director, NADECO USA said that
the Nigerian Supreme court will deliver to the Nigerian people one of two things: Justice or Injustice. “So Nigerians must be prepared to react accordingly.

“Nigerians would know injustice when they see it and by the same token would know it if what they get is justice.

“NADECO does not want to dictate to the Supreme Court on how to rule but NADECO expects that the Nigerian Supreme Court will deliver pure and undiluted justice to the deserving Nigerian people.

“If Mr. Justice is delivered Nigeria should prepare to celebrate and embark on Appreciation March.

“The Appreciation March is basically to appreciate the Supreme Court justices for living up to their constitutional responsibilities.

For standing on the side of history. Nigerians should carry out a celebratory March to honor the Supreme Court.

“In the event that Mr. Injustice is delivered by the Supreme Court, Nigerians must also rise up but only this as a protest and not a celebratory march”, he said.

The announcement from NADECO is a clear attempt to influence public opinion and put pressure on the Supreme Court.

By framing the possible outcomes as “Justice” or “Injustice”, NADECO is trying to shape how people will view the court’s decision.

For instance, in the case of Action Congress of Nigeria v Independent National Electoral Commission, the Supreme Court ruled that a candidate must win 25% of the vote in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) in order to be declared the winner of the presidential election.

From NADECO’s perspective, the Supreme Court should uphold its previous ruling on the 25% vote requirement in the FCT.

The Supreme Court’s decision in 2008 set an important precedent, and it would be inappropriate to disregard that precedent without a strong justification.

Additionally, changing the ruling in the middle of an election petition case would create confusion and chaos, and could potentially undermine the democratic process.

NADECO believes that the stability and predictability of the legal system is of utmost importance, and that overturning the 2008 ruling would undermine the credibility of the Supreme Court.

The principle of stare decisis, or “let the decision stand”, is a fundamental part of the judicial system.
It means that judges should follow and apply the precedent set by previous decisions.

Below is the proposed guidelines for the protest as was released by NADECO USA leadership which are very thoughtful and carefully considered. The emphasis on peace and non-violence is particularly important, given the highly charged and divisive nature of the situation.

“GUIDELINES FOR THE PROTEST “All protesters must have flags in one hand and water in the other hand. Flags symbolize patriotism while the water is for peace and energy. We recommend white or green shirts to be worn by the protesters.

“There must be no violence. “Along with protesters, we encourage the security agencies to join in the protests.- the army, the civil defense, the police, the DSS, and other agencies. They should armsling their weapons and join the protesters.
It is important for security agencies to join in the protest to ensure that the protests are orderly and without any disturbances.

“After all the security personnel are Nigerians first, they took an oath to defend and protect the Constitution and not the Presidency. To defend Nigeria and Nigerians.

“All businesses must remain open. The shops and businesses along the protest route should encourage the peaceful protesters by providing water and snacks where possible.

“The protesters need water, food, and other items. The protest will continue until the elements of injustice are completely flushed out in Nigeria.” he concluded.

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