April 27, 2024


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Rev Innocent Peace-Udochukwu
President Living Fountain Ministries Int’l LIFOM

“The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it”. Proverbs 10:22

Part of God’s desire and design for every of His children is to enjoy wealth. Throughout the Scripture, God’s blessings were often pronounced on everyone, and that is because His blessing is the ultimate. However, when you understand that it is the blessing of the Lord that can enrich you and take you to your desired position, many of your fruitless struggles will seize. In fact, all effort to accumulate wealth, especially in corrupt or dubious ways, will be totally eliminated. That is because you have come to understand that your assignment is not to work things out in your own way but to follow biblical principles that guarantee and release God’s blessings upon you.

Many people believe that seeking a promotion, an extravagant occupation, or working two or three jobs to earn extra pay is the way to success in the world.

And I’m sure people can tell that money is a defense, and when used right, money can turn into influence, fame and what people consider winning in life.

But the word of God, contrary to popular belief, offers a different scenario about success and even claims to exceed above and beyond obtaining money.

One advantage of Seeking the word of God over money is it offers eternal life in heaven with God. Ecclesiastes 7:12
Working towards money alone may afford you a bigger house, a fancy car, and enjoyable dinning arrangements, but when it’s all said and done, you must answer to God for what you did on this earth with the resources He provided for you. Revelation 22:11-13
That’s right, though a person may believe that they’re doing all the work for success, the truth is, God is the one who blesses and enables anyone to succeed.

Whether a person believes in Him or not, or believe what I’m saying about this or not. Luke 12:28
But other than that, money can’t buy eternal life, although there are outrageous evolution based science research projects that are trying to find ways to clone people, manipulate DNA or combine man with the machines.

Let me start by clarifying what the quotation above didn’t say. And that is, it didn’t say that the blessing of the LORD is riches, but the blessing of the LORD adds, makes or brings riches. This implies that the blessing is not riches. Therefore, one can confidently say that the blessing is not riches, and that it can stand alone without riches.

And it is important to say that riches cannot stand without the blessing. Also, that the blessing however, is the cause whereas the riches are the effects.

The quotation above went ahead to categorize the nature of the riches the blessing adds, that it doesn’t add sorrows. This suggests that there are riches that add sorrow, but the riches from the Lord’s blessing cannot add sorrow. Deducing from the quotation above again, one can equally say that is not every riches that comes from the blessing.

This means that riches can come from the blessing and can as well come from another source. On this note, how to differentiate the riches that come from the blessing is that it cannot add sorrows.

What The Blessing Is Called:
This blessing is called “the blessing of the LORD”, which specifically indicates that it comes from the LORD. And as a matter of fact, the other blessings that add riches with sorrows can come from another source. The key is that the blessing from the LORD is defined in the quotation above as the blessing that adds riches without sorrows.

Therefore, the next thing you should immediately focus on after accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior is always spend as much time as possible learning about His will in the Bible to renew your mind by, reading, studying and praying.
Romans 12:2

And, this is something that you should continue to do for the rest of your life.

In conclusion, it is important to understand that the blessing of the Lord will never add sorrow. So any blessing that comes with sorrow is not from God. Also, is important for the receiver of the blessing to stand rightly and position himself for it. That the blessing though a spoken word, it carries a dynamic force that can cause a glorious change in a life time.




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