April 21, 2024


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Rev. Innocent Peace-Udochukwu
President Living Fountain Ministries Int’l LIFOM

“He sent His Word and healed them.” Psalm 107:20.

THE healing of natural sickness is not accomplished without the power of God. Vain were the skill of the most learned physician unless the God of Nature cooperated with the medicine. If any of you have been restored of late from sickness, I charge you to praise God for His goodness and for His wonderful works to the children of men. Remember your weary nights. Remember your painful days. Call to mind the vows of your soul in anguish and take care that you play not false to God. In the day of your health, be true to the promises made on your sickbed. Let the song of gratitude go up from your heart and from your lips—and let the life which He has so graciously preserved be dedicated to His service. It ought to be so. God help you that it may be so.

“He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.
Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men!
And let them sacrifice the sacrifices of thanksgiving, and declare his works with rejoicing.”
Psalm 107:20-22

God has already sent a healing Word. It is not just for our body, it is also for our spirit. We are spirits. God is a Spirit. When we read in Genesis that He made humans in His image, it included our spirits. God is our ultimate healer.

Some people ask, “If God sent His Word and healed them, why are we not seeing more manifestations of that complete healing?” I also humbly asked this question of God. His response was quick. He said, “Because of unbelief.” Throughout humanity’s time on earth, it’s safe to say that the Word of healing has been here. The first mention of healing is found in Genesis 20:17. We see this through the millennia. He sent His Word and healing the wombs of Sarah, Rebecca, and Hannah; we see him healing the waters at Marah (Gen. 15); we see in 2 Chronicles 7:14 that God will heal the land of His people. The Word for healing is Rapha, which means wholeness, complete restoration. The Word heals and makes whole those who believe. Healing is part of our covenant. How is the Word manifested to us? By our uncompromised faith and belief in Him. By faith we can see ourselves made whole, knowing that the storm won’t always last. When Paul said, fight the good fight of faith, it didn’t mean we are fighting to get faith, rather we are fighting to prevent fear from watering down our faith. Fear, doubt, and unbelief waters down our faith.

“Fools, because of their transgression and because of their iniquities are afflicted.”
Psalm 107:17

It is insulting to a man to call him a fool, but I question whether any man is saved unless he has called himself a fool!

He has been one of those fools who has said in his heart, “No God,” for he has practically lived without thinking of his God. He has been one of those fools who has chosen the transient present and left the eternal future to be forgotten.

Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child,” and in the life of a sinner!
But this man has played the fool. Besides being a fool, he has acted like a fool, for, “fools, because of their transgression and because of their iniquities, are afflicted.” Transgression means breaking bounds and trespassing and he that trespasses in the fields of a God who is so just and so strong to smite, is a fool! Iniquity means lack of equity, lack of truth, lack of rightness, lack of honesty and surely he that tries to cheat God is a fool! How shall he hope to be able to deceive the Omniscient One, or that those eyes which are like a flame of fire shall fail to detect the inequity, the dishonesty of his doings? That he has thought for a moment that he could do it, shows that he is a fool and that he has acted like a

Now, I am not going to say of any man reading me that this is true concerning him, but if any man here present feels it is the truth about himself, he is a man that God is going to bless, for when the Lord has shown you yourself, He will afterwards show you Himself.

There is one hopeful mark about this sick man and that is that he has begun to pray. “Then they cry unto the Lord in their trouble.” It would not be much of a prayer if it had been printed—you could not have read it. Indeed, you could not print it, for you cannot print a cry. The reporter has not got a sign in all his stenography, I think, by which he can record a cry. A cry is the heart’s own language with which the tongue cannot interfere. Is there anybody reading me that does pray and yet cannot pray—who groans before God, “Oh, that I might be saved”—whose only words are tears—whose only language is the anguish of his silent spirit? Ah, you are the person—the person that can cry! Cry, then, unto the Lord with all your might! It is said of such, “He sent His Word and healed them.”

When a physician meets with a very bad case—a case in dire extremity—it will sometimes happen with him that he has to think awhile. Perhaps he has to resort to his books of medicine or to his diary of former cases, or to hold a consultation with another physician before he will venture to prescribe, for something unknown is needed in this unusual disease. But I want you to observe that though the case represented in the Psalm was a very bad one, there was no new thing needed to meet it. The old remedy would suffice. All that the Infinite Lord had to do was to send His Word and heal them! It was the old healing Word of God that had healed many a fool before and could still heal fools—the old healing word that had brought back many from between the very gates of death! Nothing more was needed in order to bring back these who were in such a dreadful condition. For the healing of the souls sick with sin and sick of it, I have no new Gospel to preach nor any new thing to say. Thank God, the old, old Gospel meets every case! New developments of
sin, strange out-of-the-way diseases of iniquity keep cropping up, but the old remedy meets them all. God needs not to consult nor make new compounds—the simple thing which healed men centuries ago still heals them. “He sent His Word and healed them.”

First God sent Christ, the Incarnate Word. That is the essence of the remedy. Then He sent the Bible, the revealed Word. That is the instrument of the remedy. He sent, thirdly, His Word of Power by the Holy Spirit. That is the application of the remedy. Let us speak of these three things. They are all necessary.

God heals a sinner He does it by Christ, who is the Word made flesh who dwelt among us. Almighty healing lies in the Person and work and merit of Him who is called the Word of God, of whom you read, in the first chapter of John’s Gospel, that “the Word was God, the same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by Him, and without Him was not anything made that was made.”
Now, whatever your disease may be, Jesus Christ, the Word of God, is able to meet it. He can heal the guilt of sin. However guilty a soul may be, Christ stands in the sinner’s place, bears the sin and makes Atonement for it unto God. So all sin can be put away. No matter how many your sins, or how black they may be, although they are double-dyed, yet the moment Jesus Christ comes to you and you accept Him—
“Your sins shall vanish quite away Though black as Hell before, Shall be dissolved beneath the sea And shall be found no more.” There is healing for the guilt of sin.
Probably, however, your conscience is troubled about the influence of sin over your life. Christ can meet that need, too. He can cure you of sinning. Even if you could be forgiven the past, you cannot bear the thought of going on as you have done. Dear sick one, there is healing for your foolishness as well as for your sin—for the iniquity of your heart as well as for the iniquity of your life! Jesus Christ is able to set you all right. If the wheels of the watch are wrong, He is the Great Maker and He can put it all right again. He can rectify every cog of every wheel till He shall have sanctified you wholly—spirit, soul and body. Jesus Christ is made of God unto us not only Justification but Sanctification, too! He is able to meet both the dire ills of life and the guilt and the power of sin.
Possibly you reply to me that you are suffering in your inmost soul. Well, the Great Physician speaks and He can heal the depression of sin. A sense of sin has broken your bones. A sense of sin has seemed to take away all courage from you. You do not seem to be half a man now, for sin has unstrung you—has made you weak as water. My Lord Jesus Christ can heal that! He can take away the depression, the despondency, yes, and the despair. Though you may have written yourself down as damned. Though you have made a league with Hell and “a covenant with death,” yet my Lord Jesus Christ with one touch of His pierced hand can make your spirit leap for joy! It is His way to pluck us out of the horrible pit and out of the miry clay and set our feet upon the rock and put a new song into our mouths and establish our goings. You cannot tell how quickly despondency can be changed for delight when Jesus appears! He can put off your sackcloth and your ashes from you so that you shall never wear them again. He can gird you with gladness and put jewels in your ears and about your neck, and adorn you as a bridegroom decks his bride with ornaments. You little know the great joy which Christ can give, in a moment, to the most desponding sinner!
If you tell me that sin has done you all sorts of mischiefs—that you feel as if sin had poisoned you all over—that your whole nature is now out of gear and even though it should be healed, yet there are scars which you will never lose, broken bones you will carry to your tomb, I still preach to you of the power of Christ! He can remove even the scars. My Lord has various ointments and remedies with which He can heal even these. What He did here on earth to the bodies of men, He is now prepared to do to the souls of men! There came to Him the blind. They could not see, just as you cannot understand. You say truly that sin has darkened your judgment. What did the Master do but make clay with His spittle, anoint the eyes of the blind and say, “Go and wash,” and the blind went and came back seeing! Sometimes He touched men’ s eyes and the scales fell and so they saw! My Lord can give you back your calm and right judgment again. He can so overrule your spirit that it shall no more put the bitter for the sweet and the darkness for the light. He can give you back those eyes of your heart—

The human body was formed by God in a way that nothing could harm it. Man was made to live long and free of sickness, disease of any kind or anything that hurts. However, Adam’s fall introduced death into the fabric of everything in the world. “Death” does not only imply the cessation of life; it also means “to fail” “to be damaged” and to “fade away”.

The Bible says in 1 John 3:8, “for this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil.” After He destroyed the hold of sin and death over your life, He then declared, “…..sin shall not have dominion over you”
Romans 6:14 Meaning therefore that sin and all its negative effects such as sickness, failure, poverty, and death ought not to have any power over you!

The LORD Jesus Christ has given us the victory over the enemy. The reason some people are still living in bondage to the devil is lack of knowledge. God said “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”

We have been given the authority to use the name of Jesus Christ. In Acts 3:6, “Peter said, ‘I have no silver and gold, but what I do have I give to you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk!’” (ESV). “He sent his [command], and healed them.” There is tremendous power when a believer speaks the Word with authority.

Into every situation of life, He sent his word. The word made flesh – Jesus and now the Rhema word of God is daily sent to bring us healing and delivering from all destruction.

The deal with a Rhema word, is that we must position ourselves to receive. Proverbs 4 reminds us to attend to His word. To incline our ears to His sayings. They are not to depart from our sight. We are to keep them in the midst of our heart for they are life to those who FIND them and healing to all our flesh. We are told to search for His word as one does for treasures, let it not depart from our eyes but meditate on it

The first place God works to help us is to reveal His word to us. There is a word that meets our need. His word is His wisdom. This is the principal thing. From John 16:12-15 we learn it is the the Holy Spirit who directs us to and through His word.

God has the word that will bring healing to our circumstances and deliverance from all destruction. May we find the place to attend to His word and incline our hearts to hear so that salvation may come to our lives. It is the will of God.




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