April 15, 2024


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PEPT Judgement is “Naked Injustice” -Chief Uwazurike

The President of the Cultural Credibility Group Chief Goddy Uwazurike has described the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal Judgement delivered on Wednesday in Petitions against the election victory of President Bola Ahmed TInubu in the February 25th 2023 as “naked injustice”.

It will be recalled that the tribunal ruled that Obi and his party could not prove beyond reasonable doubt that the election was substantially marred by irregularities, as a ground for nullification of Tinubu’s election.

Reacting to the judgment through a phone conversation with RPTVBLOG, Chief Uwazurike, the former President of AKA IKENGA said that for the tribunal to rely on technicality in analysing the petitions and making its decisions, it failed to deal with the question of who won the election.
“To be blunt, the Tribunal failed to realize that it (judiciary) was on trial in the court of the people.

The people expected that the verification of the scores will be a primary duty of the Tribunal,” he stated.

According to him, the judiciary, the world over, does not rely on technicality but on “substantial justice,” that the people understand.

In light of the court’s decision, Chief Uwazurike’s statement raises some important questions about the role of the judiciary in maintaining the integrity of Nigeria’s electoral process.

If the court’s decision is perceived as unfair or biased, it could have serious implications for public trust in the judicial system and the overall stability of the country.

It’s important for the court to ensure that its decisions are seen as impartial and based on the facts of the case, rather than any political considerations.

The decision of the tribunal raises some difficult questions for the future of democracy in Nigeria.

If the people lose faith in the electoral process and the judiciary, it could lead to widespread disillusionment with the entire political system.

This could have serious implications for the stability of the country and the ability of the government to function effectively.

It’s essential that the court system is seen as an impartial and fair arbiter of disputes, and that it takes the concerns of the people seriously.

Without this trust, it’s difficult to see how Nigeria can move forward as a stable and prosperous democracy.

In his words, the legal silk stated that “Election judgment based on technicality is naked injustice,”

Asked if he supports Peter Obi taking the case to the supreme court, he replied without mincing words.
“The next destination is the Supreme Court of Nigeria. No resting.
No hesitation,
to give up at this stage is an ummitigated disaster”.